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Country Hides & Skins (Aust). Kangaroo skin, pickled, wetblue and finished supplier, human consumption meat wholesaler, lambskin, dog treats

Macro Meats-Gourmet Game. Since 1987, Ray and Rita, the owners and managers, have pioneered a huge change in consumer perceptions towards the acceptance of kangaroo meat for human consumption. Today, using innovative packaging, they are the largest supplier of kangaroo meat to the food service industry in Australia, as well as exporting.

Packer Leather The largest specialist tanner and supplier of kangaroo leather, skins and finished kangaroo leather products.

Game Meat Processing - Processors and exporters of Quality Kangaroo and Wild Boar game meats.

Southern Game Meat Pty Ltd - Producing and supplying kangaroo meat World Wide.

Kangaroo Leather:

Kangaroo leather is one of the finest and strongest light weight leathers known. Its tensile strength far exceeds that of any of the domestic animal leathers and it is much lighter. For this reason it is widely used to produce the highest quality sporting shoes. For example, virtually all of the soccer boots worn by international players are made from kangaroo leather.

The light weight and fine texture of kangaroo leather also makes it highly prized in the fashion, and other industries. The following pages show some examples of leatherware and an article on the nature of kangaroo skin's tensile strength.

Kangaroo Meat for Human Consumption:

Kangaroo is one of the healthiest red meats there is. With fat levels of less than 2%, meat doesn't come any leaner. It also has a delightful flavour (try some of our recipes below). Available in a wide range of cuts, kangaroo can be used in exactly the same way as other red meat. The following pages show kangaroo cuts and the nutritional composition of Kangaroo meat

Kangaroo meat is produced under strict hygiene legislation and probably has an even healthier disease free status than domestic animal meats.

Further information:

Kangaroo Meat for Pet Food:

Just as its important for humans to be careful of dietary fat intake, so too should be our pets. Too much fat can be just as great a problem for pets as it is for humans. Many people also forget that dogs and cats are carnivores with a digestive system designed to process raw meat. For this reason it is important that their diet give them at least some opportunity to do so, kangaroo is the healthiest alternative.

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