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The Kangaroo Industry - Ecologists & Conservationists

A selection of ecologists and conservationists who are on record as supporting the kangaroo harvest as sustainable, environmentally wise or responsible:

Dr Gordon Grigg
Ex Head Zoology Dept
University of Queensland

Prominent rangeland ecologist and supporter of an expanded kangaroo industry as part of the solution to rangeland sustainability

Prof. Mike Archer,
Dean of Science
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052
Ph. 02 9385 7916

Well respected ecologists and strong supporter of indigenised agriculture as well as greatly expanded reserve and off reserve conservation areas.

Australasian Wildlife Management Society
Terry Korn
Vice President
Ph 06884 7298
Mobile 0417 747 298

The peak representative body for Wildlife ecologists, see position statement in support of kangaroo harvesting

Dr Tim Flannery
Maquarrie University

 Recent Australian of the Year

Dr Dave Fruedenberger

Australia’s peak scientific research organisation, it has a policy to promote kangaroo harvesting as a tool in rehabilitating overgrazed rangelands.

Australian Veterinary Association

Peak representative body with a policy statement supporting kangaroo harvesting as sustainable and humane

Australian Association of Veterinary Conservation Biologists
Dr Tony English

Actively promotes kangaroo industry as an alternate to sheep

Ecological Society of Australia

Has a position statement in favor of wildlife utilisation

Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia

The worlds oldest conservation organisation. Has a position statement supportive of the kangaroo harvest.

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

Supports kangaroo harvesting.

Conservation Council of South Australia

Actively promoting growth of kangaroo harvest as a conservation tool.

Australian Mammal Society

Has a position statement in favour of kangaroo harvesting

Royal Zoological Society

Actively promotes debates of the science and the policy dimensions of kangaroo harvesting and its ecological benefits to the Australian environment.