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Use a Kangaroo scene to develop the concept of mapping and co-ordinates

Identify various Kangaroo habits and study the various elements involved.

Organise an excursion to a wildlife park Kangaroo exhibition to see real Kangaroos and Wallabies.

Look at the different roles of people who work in the field of Kangaroo discovery. Would you like to work in any of these areas???

Develop a game, such as 'Sale of the Century' on Kangaroo facts that students have found through their research.

Discuss what Australia would be like if the first settlers had farmed kangaroos and emus rather than sheep and cattle. What sort of folk songs would we sing rather than waltzing matilda, what would shearers do, what would we do with all the cattle and sheep dogs, etc.

Are kangaroos better suited to Australia than sheep and cattle, and why?

Mammals of today differ in many ways from the prehistoric times. Discuss what today's Mammals look like. Write down your thoughts to these questions:

* Are today's mammals better designed to suit their environment?
* Could you improve on the design of a modern mammal? - You might like to illustrate your written answer.
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