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"This land is cursed; the animals hop not run, birds run, not fly and the swans are black not white".

SO WROTE one of the first Europeans to set foot on Australia, Dirk Hartog, as he sailed away from the west coast in 1688.

Unfortunately for our environment this attitude prevailed throughout our settlement - the land was wrong and had to be changed into how a good European farm should be, the animals should be removed and replaced with good European animals.

Along the way we have caused huge damage to our fragile grazing lands. It's only in recent times that the concept of utilising this land with the animals that belong here has emerged. Doing so has the potential to deliver enormous environmental benefits.

Dr Tim Flannery

THIS SITE promotes an understanding of the kangaroo industry, its vital role in the environmental sustainability of the Australian rangelands, and its role in indigenising Australian Agriculture. It does so by presenting a balanced overview of the utilisation of native fauna in this country and we hope that it will stimulate debate and be of interest to all.

An overview in the form of detailed discussion of the sustainability of of the kangaroo industry can be found here, otherwise the site contains several sections: Our Industry - presents facts and data regarding kangaroos and the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia; For Schools - gives curriculum ideas and teaching resources for teachers, and interactive activities and quizzes for students; Products shows many of the advantages of kangaroo leather and other products; Recipes gives ways of preparing highly nutritious kangaroo meat; topical information and debate appears in our Letters section and related web sites are linked from our Links section.

Please use the buttons on the left to navigate the site (or the text links below, if you're driving a very ancient browser) - further links will be offered from the pages that open.

For further information and feedback, e-mail us here: kiaa@bigpond.net.au

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